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Leprechaun Buttons Arrive!

After a long and anguished wait, the “I Found A Leprechaun” Buttons have ARRIVED!

Featuring a handsome Leprechaun, these 1-inch buttons are perfect for everything you use buttons for, and make great Christmas gifts for those who you don’t want to spend much money on. For those you do want to spend a lot of money on, buy 100 buttons.

In top-secret news (shhh!), another yet-undisclosed button is already in production.

The Leprechaun Buttons are 2 for $1, and will be available at our next show.



You guys! Always a new promo item on the front burner, huh? I like this one, though.<br /><br />Steve Bragg<br />Hurricane


Hey Guys,<br />Matt Jenkins here. I run a button company at www.thinktwicebuttons.com if you all ever need any more buttons made. I will match whatever price the company you currently use now is.<br /><br />Hope things are going well,<br />Matt Jenkins<br />thinktwicebuttons@yahoo.com