Weekend in Hillsboro

    We played in Hillsboro, Oh on Friday, and it was great. Never been to that town before, but it was fun with the whole old-building/smalltown-life thing going on. Definitely looks like a Christmas movie.

    Playing in the Colony Theater was cool. It was an old classic-style thing, and our name was up in lights. Woohoo.

    They put us on a bit too early, before most of the people were there, but it was still cool, and a lot of fun.

    For those of you not familiar with Ohio, they have these funky stores called "United Dairy Farmers". They're basically just weirdly-named 7-Elevens, with more Ice Cream. We found these things there called "Micro-Shakes". They're milkshakes that come frozen, and you microwave them to make them ready-to-eat.

    Those definitely deserve a mention.