Week in Review

    This weekend, we travelled to Lexington to play at Lock&Key, a cool coffeeshop made out of an old bank. Most of the old bank furniture was still there, and hanging out in the safe was the coolest part. Then we headed up to Cincinnati to do an in-store at Mediaplay.

    It snowed all the way home, so it took us longer than usual to get home, but we made it safely. As evidenced by the fact that I'm here to post to this website.

    Anyway, other stuff we've been doing is research and writing for our new magazine (shhhh! It hasn't been announced yet!), which takes a lot of time. But it seems to be shaping up pretty nicely.

    This coming Friday, we're playing at Common Grounds (a college coffeeshop in Lexington) with Mike Chappelear. On Saturday, we're playing at The Attic Club, a teen club in Dayton.