Great Weekend

    Hey everyone...we started off the weekend with the clutch going out in my vehicle, leaving me transportation-less, but it was all uphill...err...downhill...err...good from there. We played on Friday at Common Grounds in Lexington, and the show went MUCH better than our last show there during which all of our equipment fried. We spent the night there in Georgetown (suburb of Lexington), and then headed up to Dayton in the morning.

    After hanging around Dayton all day looking at guitar and computer stores, trying to find a free coffee-maker, and otherwise wandering all over the city, we ended the night playing with Torn From Red, Alter Boy, & Finding Windemere at the Attic Club, an interesting teen club in a strip mall. It was cool.

    Now, we're busy working on this weekend's stuff. The Open Mic/Talent Showcase is returning. Be there!