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Local Talent Showcase Lineup

Okay, guys, here it is. The official tentative lineup for the 2nd Rendezvous Local Talent Showcase, 7:00-9:30pm, Friday, February 11th.

Scott & Clair Rogan 7:00-7:15
Ryan Krofcheck 7:15-7:30
Brian Shaffer 7:30-7:45
Timothy Edmonds 7:45-8:00
Bug Lilly 8:00-8:30
Walt Nordstrom 8:30-8:45
Micah & Gabe 8:45-9:15
Johhathan 9:15-9:30



Awww, too bad...<br /><br />- No July?<br />- No Josiah?<br /><br />Still, we'll be there!<br /><br />Steve Bragg


Awww, too bad...<br></br><br>- No July?</br><br>- No Josiah?</br><br></br><br>Still, we&amp;#39;ll be there!</br><br></br><br>Steve Bragg</br>