The Forgotten

    Okay, so this one lady remembers her son dying, but everyone else thinks she's crazy. She never had a son, according to her husband, her doctor, the neighbors. Her photo albums are empty, her home videos are blank.

    But she still remembers.

    She finally convinces someone else to remember their child as well. Suddenly, NSA agents are chasing her all over the city. She's on the run - from the government, the police, and apparently, alien forces.

    People start zipping up into the sky, snatched by these mysterious forces.

    Turns out the aliens are running experiments on humanity. They're trying to get her to forget, to dissolve the bond between mother and child. And she's the only one it doesn't work with.

    One of the aliens finally grabs her and personally erases her earliest memory of her child.

    And still she remembers.

    And that means the alien has failed. His superiors are very angry, and he is whisked up into the sky, presumably to be punished for his failure. She gets her kid back, and everything goes back to the way it was.

    Which just goes to show: the thing you can count on is that, when dealing with entities, human or alien or whatever, one thing is always the same.


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