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MORP @ Hurricane Highschool

Gotta say it, MORP was awesome. Gregg Oxley put this thing on, and it was great. The lineup was something like this:

Fletcher’s Grove (Ryan Krofcheck, Matt, & Evan)
Another Band with a girl singer (named Maura) that had an awesome voice
At Dawn We Die
One Last Call - pop/rock/emo
The Redding Brothers (that’s us)
Fairweather Fan
The Present Crisis
Scenes From A Movie

I missed some of the names of the bands…if anyone knows them, let me know. Anyway, it was great; haven’t had that much fun at a concert in a while.


* (Played at the Talent Showcase on Friday)



Hey hey hey, this is Cody. The band with the girl with the good voice's name is Maura. I don't think they have a band name though...oh well. Buh bye.


Hi! I loved you guys and I'm very flattered that you liked me voice.