Weekend in Nashville

    Well, we drove a lot this past week. Micah went to Nashville on Tuesday night, and stayed with his friends there, looking around and "scoping out the scene". He went to a concert and saw Luna Halo perform as well as Pale Blue Dot, a kind of country-rock-hippy band. Then on Friday, he drove back up to Lexington, and met Siah and Gabe (who were driving from WV). There we played with Zack Damron at Common Grounds, and met some interesting people. Then we all loaded back up and drove to Nashville, arriving there at 4am, and giving us all the opportunity to try Red Bull for the first time. Micah drank one that night, thinking it tasted nasty, but the next day, he gulped down another one. It must have altered his brain chemistry. Anyway, we spent all day Saturday looking around at big houses, and saw a bunch of weird ones. We went down Music Row, and saw all the tourist stuff, and everything. We almost did some street-performing, but had left our guitar behind accidentally.

    Anyway, that was our weekend. Now we're back. Micah randomly cut his hair when he was asleep. And that's all.

    -The Redding Brothers