April 16th BRICKHOUSE SHOW in planning!

    We are officially putting on a show at...

    The Brickhouse (52 Old Main St, St. Albans, WV)
    Saturday, April 16th

    Tentative Lineup is:
    -Vintage Tone
    -Fletcher's Grove
    -The Jiants
    -One Last Call
    -The Redding Brothers

    Tickets are $6 in advance, $7 at the door. This will be different than any Brickhouse show you've EVER BEEN TO! We've got interesting things in the works. We will probably have a "home music video" showing, cheap concessions, and a lot more!

    Love you all!


    PS. If you want to help out with this event, we'd love to have you in the inner circle...just drop us an email. You'll still have to pay to get in (it's expensive to rent the place!), but we will richly reward you with love and still-secret merchandise.