Visit to Pittsburgh

    The weekend was great. We started out Friday by driving up to Pittsburgh to play a "test the waters" concert in a local Borders. We had never been to Pburgh before, so it was an adventure for us. It's so funny, because you're driving through all this countryside that is basically just like WV out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-land, and then you pass through a tunnel and burst out onto this huge city scene.

    Well, anyway, we got stuck in long lines of traffic, because there was apparently a Pirates game that night. (I'm just guessing...the interstate said "Pirate Parking" all along it). Then, of course we took the wrong turn, and took a fun little mini-tour of downtown Pittsburgh. Which was impressive.

    But eventually we ended up at the right place, set up our stuff (right in front of a food table, incidentally), and played our concert.

    Then, right in the middle of our show, an 83-year-old lady got up, stood in front of us, and blew us 10 kisses. I don't think we've ever gotten such a compliment before.

    That made the trip worthwhile.

    Afterwards, we packed up and headed out, getting on the road about 10pm. We drove until 1am, then stopped at a rest stop and slept for 2 hours. I woke up at 3:10, and we drove on, getting home about 4:30am.

    Leaving us nice and exhausted for Saturday... :)

    -micah & the other redding brothers