Saturday Brickhouse SHOW OF AWESOMENESS

    So Saturday was basically awesome. The bands were
    -One Last Call
    -Fletcher's Grove
    -Vintage Tone
    -The Jiants
    ...and of course, us.

    We had an awesome snowcone machine, a movie called "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians", new merchandise, cheap concessions, a new sing-a-long song, and a "concert library", where you could check out books like "It's great to have a wolf around the house", or "The Worst-Case Scenario Action Hero's Guide".

    Around 70 people showed up (which is more than we've ever seen at any Brickhouse show we've been to) and the audience was great.

    -The Redding Brothers

    PS. Rayvenn, Hannah, and Bailey helped us out, and for that receive the title Fantastic People of Fantasticability!