Micah Redding — faith in humanity's future


No, we didn’t play the Back To The Future theme song. Instead, we rehashed our artistic history by playing our songs in the chronological order of when they were written, bringing back a bunch of songs we hadn’t sung in years.

This show was at the Huntington Borders, and it was a lot of fun for us. The Borders people told us there were 102 people standing around.

Also, I got a special present which made this show awesome. It was a “Jolly Lemon” flag; a lemon and crossbones made by Hannah Bird and Bailey.

Don’t ask.

But it was awesome.




The show was awesome last night! I particularly enjoyed the Jane Fonda song. :) <br/>I meant to ask you last night, what inspired Clouds? That was one amazing song.

Steve Bragg:

It was a great show, one of the best Redding Bros show's I've seen. I agree with rayvenn--"Clouds" is awesome, and knowing what's behind it makes it even more amazing.<br/><br/>I have a feeling the "Back To The Future" show will be remembered for -- ahem -- all time.