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Moving to Nashville...

Okay, well I’m gonna start journaling my experiences in moving…

Thursday was my last day at Rendezvous in Teays Valley, WV, and on Sunday I made the drive to Nashville. I was hired to work at the new Apple Computer store in the Green Hills section of Nashville as a Part-Time Mac Specialist.

The normal training was supposed to be on the weekends…but I wasn’t able to do that because I’m all booked up on the weekends for weeks. So I was told I would be put in the through-the-week training. Then I was told that it was full, and that I couldn’t come. So here I was in Nashville on Sunday night, not knowing if my training was actually going to happen, not having any info from anyone, and not knowing what to do.

So I just deduced where and when the training was, and showed up Monday morning. Fortunately, they let me in, and let me start. :)