Adventure in Dayton

    Last night was our Dayton Borders Cafe show...though some band members thought it was the Attic Club show (scheduled for tonight, not last night) and went to the completely wrong side of town. Micah drove up from our soon-to-be new headquarters of Nashville, TN, while Gabe and I came from Scott Depot, WV...forgetting to bring a cellphone, map, or any other kind of useful tool that you would normally think to bring on a trip. But eventually, after purchasing a phone card from a local CVS and buying an oversized map, me and Gabe found our way to the Borders Cafe and had a great show. Our pals from Dayton University showed up and we hung out after the show talking about our past adventures with car breakdowns and freaky old men. I think we almost convinced them to move to Nashville with us and rent an OCTOPLEX (duplex x 4 = octoplex)...sorry...inside joke :-). Anyway, we had a fun show last night. We'll see everyone tonight at the Attic Club. -Siah