Different things go in different directions

    We've got interesting stuff going on here behind the scenes. The other day I tried street performing for the first time, and met some interesting people. I only stayed out there for a couple of minutes, but it was fun, and a good experience, I think. I also checked out a local venue in Nashville called Rocketown, which is AWESOME. I'm dying to play there.

    After doing those things, I hit an open mic with some really good quality performers.

    Then this weekend, I was in the wedding of my old roomate, and spent some time in Alabama with my grandparents.

    ...Meanwhile, back in internet world...

    If you've followed us over the last two years, you've probably noticed a lot of website changes. What you are seeing right now is the fourth major, from the bottom up, rebuild of our entire site.

    Well, we're gearing up for the fifth. Expect a huge leap forward in what you are able to do here, and the stuff that's available.

    Expect to be amazed....woooooo....