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A show worth $100!

I went out to see Gentry Morris perform at a $5 show. But while I was there, my car got towed, and the show turned into a $100 show. A $100 that I don’t have, seeing as my company hasn’t managed to pay me after 4 weeks. But that’s all irrelevant.

Gentry is great. He and I went to school together back in the day, and he moved to Nashville to become a rock star. Check out his website.



Steve Bragg:

Micah,<br/><br/>Good to see you're alive. They're not PAYING YOU? That's terrible. <br/><br/>Take care and say 'hi' to your brothers for me.<br/><br/>Steve

The Redding Brothers:

They will. My paperwork just hasn't gone through yet because somebody lost it. When I do get paid, it will be full-time for about four weeks. And I get a free iPod. :)<br/><br/>Things are actually going pretty well. My living expenses are pretty low; I'm about 5 minutes from work (and only that much because of traffic).<br/><br/>I've got some opportunities for us lining up, and things are definitely a little more interesting here.<br/><br/>-micah

The Redding Brothers:

What's funny about this is that the reason they charged me $95 is because they kept my car for two days...<br/><br/>Two days that covered a span of 1.5 hours.<br/><br/>-micah

Steve Bragg:

Micah,<br></br><br>Good to see you&amp;#39;re alive. They&amp;#39;re not PAYING YOU? That&amp;#39;s terrible. </br><br></br><br>Take care and say &amp;#39;hi&amp;#39; to your brothers for me.</br><br></br><br>Steve</br>