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    The Writers Showcase @ Edgehill Studios
    Tueday, September 25th

    John VeLora

    Billy Swayze

    Originally from New York, Scott Maskiell began his songwriting career while on a national tour of the rock musical "Jekyll & Hyde" in 1996. Since then he has written over 50 songs and won awards for songs he recorded on his CD, The Clearing. His songs run the gamut of human experience and have been compared to the likes of James Taylor and Cat Stevens. One listener was heard to say " So beautiful I can't think!" With a percussive guitar sound and a sweet voice, Scott Maskiell is sure to tweak your heart.

    Jon Raven

    Crystal Thomas
    My name is Crystal. I just turned 21 and I breathe chocolate and music.
    Born in Redlands, California, Crystal Thomas grew up in a musical family and began composing her own songs at the tender age of two. Crystal began seriously developing her own material in 1997.

    By 1999, at age 15, Crystal recorded four impressive compositions that led to the involvement of Grammy award-winning songwriter Randy Thomas, as producer and collaborator. These early recordings caught the attention of writer/ producer Steve Diamond and former RCA representative, Teri Muntz, who began grooming Crystal for the pop world.

    In 2002, Crystal moved to Turkey, where she helped develop a curriculum for 5th grade Iraqi children. During her time abroad she was acquainted with the Turkish artisan community, which influenced her both artistically and spiritually. After returning to the states Crystal co-wrote the script and music for the musical, "Evermore: the life of Edgar Allan Poe," which the Frankin Classical Players performed. After meeting with major labels in 2004, Crystal realized she didn't belong with a big label and she, Steve, Teri, and Randy parted ways. Crystal recently returned to Nashville to pursue the music of her heart, while supporting herself as a chocolatier at the Cocoa Tree in Franklin, Tennessee.

    Crystal’s brand of artistic pop has been received as a musical breath of fresh air. With influences that include Sheryl Crow, Joni Mitchell, Patti Griffin, and Rickie Lee Jones, Crystal’s style defies easy categorization. At 21 years of age, her musical style is surprisingly mature, with lyrics that are simultaneously vulnerable and incisive.

    Poised to release her solo debut in 2006, under her label, Merope’s Star Records, Crystal Thomas is an intelligent and soaring musical voice, who explores the complexities of life, love, and the culture in which we live.

    Seth Harper is basically new to the Nashville music scene. Sprouting from deep Alabama roots, Seth looks to further a sort of Renaissance for his homeland, keeping his music wide-ranging but at the same time distinctly Southern in delivery. His voice is gritty, yet pleasant, and his songs are honest, yet oddly poetic. He tends to weave tales of weary souls, beautiful women, and second chances, all the while putting on an explicitly spiritual edge. He is still looking for just the right bandmates, but until then he will walk this road all by himself.