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Clouds (w:m micah redding)

A long time ago, a nation very far away
Young men stood on a hillside, dreaming of another day
They never knew what this would lead to, all these visions, all these things
All they knew was that they’d never lose the power of the dream

And now a thousand years later, and a million miles since
You can still hear them coming, hear their voices in the wind, they’re singing
A million different cities where the people cried aloud
You could hear the changes coming in the clouds

[It came in the clouds that day
Blowing open heaven’s gates
Coming in on the winds of change
The day it all came down
That day was filled with clouds]

They saw a new heaven and earth, a new birth, new universe, born right here on the earth
They knew that if this was to happen everything would have to change
They’d bring the revolution and the day


The change they knew was coming never took them by surprise
But lifted them unspoken with the winds into the skies
And now you can hear their voices, all eternity they cry
Immortal they’re a beacon in the sky