Writing Songs in My Motel Room

    I have this dream...a dream where I am awake in the wee hours of the morning, looking out over the city, writing songs. In this dream, I live on the edge of the road, and every day means new cities and new experiences, and all I ever have to think about is how to make the most out of my time, how to enjoy my life as much as possible. And I already have the answer. In my dream, I spend my time writing songs, designing cool things, performing on stage, traveling, and exploring the world.

    To me, this is freedom. It's what I dream about when I stand outside at dusk and look up at the sky. It's what it means to me to be "self-employed". If I can make enough money to survive doing the things I love, I will no longer have to split my energy between life and work, because one will be the other.

    Over the weekend, we traveled up to Peoria, IL, stopping at some fun and interesting places along the way. Like the gas station/motel/apartment/playground that formed the majority of "town-age" at one exit. It was a weird scene, but it was another experience you just can't have sitting at home.

    Anyway, on the trip I wrote a new song I'm calling "Shoulder", a song that is one of those stay-up-writing-in-your-motel-room kind of songs. The ones that I dream about. There's just a certain quality from those you don't normally get.

    I need to work on more normal rock songs, though. Trying to continually develop my song-writing ability tends to make me stray into weirder and weirder styles.

    Creativity is a constant balancing act. Just something to think about.