I must be really tired right now, as my eyes are starting to be sore around the edges, and my eyelids are wanting to droop. I suppose that's what happens when you stay up until 1am, and get up at 6am two days in a row.

    This reminds me of focusing. (Why? Because I'm having such a hard time focusing right now.) I've recently become convinced that if there are things you really want in life, maintaining focus on those things is one of the surest ways to get them.

    My persistent dream, the one that has been haunting me for years, the one that I've sacrificed most of the stability in my life for, is to be able to be a musician full-time. It sounds bland when I put it that way, but there it is.

    What you don't see in the blandness are the things that come to MY mind when I write that. I imagine sitting up late at night, looking out over the lights of Seattle, knowing full well that I will be looking out over the lights of New York in just a few short days. I imagine waking up at home, knowing that I can spend my day living out my purpose - not another person's purpose for me. I imagine writing a world of new beautiful songs; having the time and energy to spend all the time writing like I do some of the time...many songs at a time for days on end.

    These are the things I imagine. And I believe that since this is my purpose, it is my duty to focus on this, to clarify it in my mind, to know this dream inside and out, until I can taste it. And when I taste it, then I'll open my eyes and it will be there.

    So, focus.