March 9, 2007 - or, How The Redding Brothers will Rock the World

    Folks, we are busy gearing up for the March 9th, 2007 concert at the Charleston Civic Center. Yes, we are working on it already! What I'd like to tell you are some of the things that are going into this show. So first of all, a few fun facts.

    This will be THE Release Party for our (as yet untitled) brand new CD. Nashville will get a release party, but it won't be like this one.

    We (The Redding Brothers) will be coming back to WV for the first time in a while. Since we moved to Nashville, we've been performing around the country, and haven't had the chance to play a big show in WV for quite some time.

    This will be in the Charleston Civic Center...did I mention that that's huge? We had been throwing our own concerts in the local movie theaters, but we needed more space, and we needed to focus more on the music, and less on building stages and other equipment to turn a cinema into a concert hall.

    More to come...