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The Christian Libertarian Revolution

It’s coming, I know it is. The time when Christians will wake up and realize that:

<blockquote>“Any government powerful enough to give you whatever you want is also powerful enough to take away everything you have.”</blockquote>
Christians will need to learn to distance themselves from the politics of power that are so often part of the “christian vocabulary” today. Correspondingly, libertarians will have to wake up to the essential “christian-ness” of their belief system.

After all, if we were to decide to create a truly, deeply, Christian political party, what principle could be better to enact than “do no harm”? The libertarian position is that we take this principle, and apply it VERY consistently to government.

So I have been on a web-search for other Christian Libertarians out there like me. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Vox Day, a Christian libertarian commentator from WorldNetDaily
Interesting, very “citeful”. I think I just invented that word.

Steven Yates: How I Became A Christian Libertarian
A rather involved, but reasoned history of the progression of his beliefs.

The Christian Resources page at self-gov.org
Favorite Quote:
<blockquote>“Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness. At the end of the 40 days, Satan took him to the mountaintop and offered Jesus Christ dominion over the world… if Jesus would kneel down and worship him. Satan offered Jesus political power and Jesus responded, ‘My kingdom is not of this world.’

“Jesus turned down political power.

“Was Jesus wrong?”

– Michael Cloud </blockquote>


Morris Courtney:

Another I would suggest is Libertarianchristians.org and they have a lot of links to others as well


I am a libertarian Christian.<br /> <br /> I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means to achieving personal, social, political or economic goals.<br /> <br /> I believe that the rights to life, liberty and property are gifts from God and cannot be granted to us by anyone here on Earth.<br /> <br /> I believe that rights belong specifically to individuals, not groups, that every individual has an equal right to life, liberty and property and that no individual, group, or government should have more rights, greater rights or a higher claim to any right than any other individual.<br /> <br /> I have no right to aggress against the rights of others and since I don't have that right, I cannot abdicate that right to other individuals such as those in government.<br /> <br /> I believe the only legitimate function of government is the protection of each individual's negative rights to life, liberty and property and in order to retain that legitimacy it must do so without ever violating those same rights in the process.<br /> <br /> I believe there are several forms of government, some legitimate and others illegitimate. The legitimate forms include those in which association is purely voluntary such as, self government, family, and the local church. The illegitimate forms are those based on arbitrarily drawn geo-political boundaries called, "The State." The State is nothing more than an institution with a legal monopoly on the initiation of force. Its only tools are theft, slavery, murder and fraud. The State is Satan's government. The State encompasses all the Earthly kingdoms which Satan offered to Christ in the wilderness if He would only bow down and worship him. Christ refused, just as we should. It is these Earthly governments which have been responsible for the oppression of God's people throughout history, including the Old and New Testaments.<br /> <br /> With the approval of the people and at the bidding of the church, it was the State which abducted, tortured, humiliated and finally hung our Savior on the cross to die. Those who teach that Romans 13 tells us we must obey the State are blind to this contradiction and cannot justify their view of that chapter when confronted with the fact that all States have used theft, slavery, fraud and have even murdered by the millions. "Our" government is not somehow different.<br /> <br /> All Earthly governments are made up of people, and none of us are good. We are all, by our fallen nature, wretched creatures. There is no magic which makes a man more intelligent, more righteous, more moral or more just upon the attainment of political office.<br /> <br /> I consider myself, politically, to be a libertarian, the small "L" kind. My voter's registration card says Libertarian and, if I vote at all, I'll most likely vote for Libertarian candidates when they are available to me, but I'm not a party member nor do I believe that the Libertarian Party will ever be able to achieve its goals. They believe they can change things through the apparatus of State. I believe the only way to change things, is to change hearts and minds. I believe that if the Libertarian Party were to ever gain the political power it desires, that that power would mark the demise of the party's principles. In fact, the watering down of those principles at the LP in order to gain popularity has already begun. To be an active and effective participant in the democratic process, one must, by necessity, set aside his own personal moral and ethical convictions and bend to the flippant and self serving whim of the people. Some call that mainstream, compromise, incrementalism or rationalism. Regardless of the fancy names, it is a step away from Godliness, and Satan really doesn't care how small a step it is. He delights in every inch he can give us because he knows, if he gives us an inch, we'll take a mile.<br /> <br /> Libertarians, and especially libertarian Christians must make sure we have an understanding of the role of legitimate government, an understanding of the rights of the individual and positions which consistently defend the equal negative rights of each and every individual in regard to the issues. We must stand ready to educate and persuade others.<br /> <br /> This world is not our home. It was corrupted the day its first inhabitants chose to sin. It cannot be preserved or saved. So my libertarianism really cannot be aimed at creating a Utopia here. If this world cannot be saved, if Utopia cannot be achieved, then what makes any effort worthwhile? It is only worthwhile because we may be the only picture of Christ that the fallen world gets to see. If Christ chose persuasion over coercion, so must I. If Christ chose love and compassion for His enemies over hatred and violence, so must I. I am a fallen man. It is not within me to follow Christ's perfect example and I fail miserably, often. But I cannot give up. I must believe that all things are possible through Him. When this world abducts me, tortures me, humiliates me, and kills me in the end, I must remember that nothing I suffer compares to what He suffered for me. I may not be able to do His will every time but I cannot allow that to be a stumbling block. When I try to see the picture of Christ in me, it usually resembles a Picasso. As hideously as I manage to distort the image, I must continue to try. If nothing else, maybe people might see a little of Christ in me because I refuse to partake of the State's stolen plunder or condone its use of aggression or because I openly expose its lies. Maybe that's the best this one man can do, but that's why I do it and if it helps turn one person toward Christ, then it is all worthwhile.<br /> <br />I am a libertarian Christian.<br /> <br />Bryan Morton<br />libertarianChristians.Org


I am definitely a libertarian Christian as well. In fact, I don't think Christians can faithfully be anything else. I wrote on this topic at length on my website (and for a publication) not all that long ago.<br/><br/><a HREF="http://jacobmorse.com/2006/04/18/christianity-laissez-faire-citizenship/" REL="nofollow">Go check it out and feel free to comment</a>.