Micah Redding — faith in humanity's future

My Thanks to You

This weekend was Thanksgiving. Everybody was eating huge meals, watching parades and football … and expressing gratitude. It’s funny how we feel the need to have holidays for those things we should be doing all the time.

With that in mind, I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who’s ever…

* Listened to our album

* Shared our album with your friends

* Come to our concerts

* Spent time on our website

* Read this blog

* Encouraged me to keep going

* Sent me some honest feedback - good or bad

You are what make my dreams possible. If you’ve ever taken the time to pay attention to this adventure I’m on, you are what I am unbelievably thankful for, and even though I don’t express it enough, know that I am really, truly, grateful, from the bottom of my heart.