Redding Brothers - The Fantastic Anti-Gravity Device!

    You may have realized that the Redding Brothers are a little eccentric. What you may not have realized is how deep this really goes. For example, while other families were wasting their time this past weekend on food and football, my family decided to do something a little different for Thanksgiving.

    We decided to create an Anti-Gravity Device.

    This Device would be built from:
    an old TV
    a soda bottle
    some wire
    and some aluminum foil.

    I'm not even making this up. My dad and brothers spent hours laboring in the garage, creating huge arcs of electricity, generating interesting noises, and causing the TV to spontaneously come on.

    This was our Thanksgiving.

    What's even more amazing is that this really should have worked. Unfortunately, my family chose to use an old TV, when it really should have been an old computer monitor. Silly family.

    The power supply in a TV is OBVIOUSLY not as high-quality as it needs to be to create Anti-gravity.


    PS. Here are some people actually getting it to work: