Container Lust - the pursuit of the most glorious container

    Perhaps I should explain something about myself that some people may not know.

    I am obsessed with containers.

    That's right, containers. Of all kinds.

    For example, my room is filled with large, Sterilite brand, 18-gallon boxes. I use them for storing old clothes, old papers, mementos, band equipment, band merchandise, anything. They hold up marvelously, stack great, last forever, and look spiffy with their cool shade of grey. These are truly the Kings among men in the world of containers. No other brand or type matches these.

    Then I have the smaller containers for storing stacks of cassettes (yes, I still have some old cassettes!), files, etc. They recognize their place.

    Finally, my window-sill is packed tight with several rows of heavy-duty pencil boxes stuffed to the brim with tools, widgets, and knick-knacks; some modified sandwich containers; a very large Altoids tin; a full-size former Folgers bucket; and a bunch of speciality AOL CD cases. All of these containers are being fully utilized.

    And that's not to mention the stuff I have for our band equipment!

    When I walk down the aisles at Walmart (they have the best containers), my friends understand when I veer suddenly in the direction of the storage section. When I travel to new towns, I scour their thrift stores for old luggage; the kind with the hard-shell, the ugly green or brown coloring, and the scent of the 70s still lingering.

    If it's an addiction, it's a good one. After all, you can never have too many containers.