SNOW CD Available Just In Time For Christmas

    The SNOW EP was a project born of interestingness. It began as a concert that we planned to do in December of 2004 at "the Brickhouse", a small hole-in-the-wall kind of venue in St Albans, WV. It would be a Christmas Show with all the trappings. And so we practiced, and we came up with all the Christmas Carols we could sing.

    And then we attempted Carol of The Bells.

    For people who are not familiar with this song, it is a ridiculously complex song. That is, if you're trying to sing it with only three guys. But we were determined to try.

    And that attempt led us to break down the song to its essential elements. The elements of intensity and passion and power, and...

    ...yippee-i-oh, yippee-i-oh-ay?

    Yes, even that one.

    It was a bold move, but one we were determined to make. And so we came up with our time-pattern-changing, genre-crossing, old-west-cowboy-rock-Christmas version of this song.

    Unfortunately, the Brickhouse concert was delayed for a couple of months, and the genius of our song would not be revealed for another year. Instead, the next Brickhouse show was the record-breaking, history-setting, all-time favorite REDDING BROTHERS BRICKHOUSE show of March of 2005. Carol of The Bells would have to wait.

    But only until the next Christmas. And in Christmas of 2005, the show was set to happen in the Teays Valley Cinemas theater of Scott Depot, WV.

    It was the first concert of its kind; no one had played a show in the theater before. And so we decided that we needed to have a commemorative CD, an EP that would serve for all time to mark the point that a band first held a concert in the Teays Valley Theater.

    And so SNOW was born. It contained "Carol of The Bells", "Angels We Have Heard on High", our own original "Lord of Winter", the feel-good "Summer Girl Snow", and a haunting piano piece named "Winter in F#m".

    "Lord of Winter" is an interesting track; an example of a song that dips deep into the well of the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" for a introspective take on the season. But that's another story.


    PS. Just in case you hadn't heard, there's one last chance for you to get the SNOW Christmas EP right before Christmas. It can still make it there in time! Listen to some of the songs here.