Farewell to the 8-foot poster of Miami Vice

    Today it drove away. Away to a new home.

    It was an 8-foot by 8-foot, self-supported, huge cardboard poster of the new Miami Vice movie. We got it from the Teays Valley Cinemas as a victory trophy after our last concert there.

    Doretta had packed it into the back of her small car (it had to be taken apart BOLT by BOLT), and driven it over 300 miles to get it to us.

    It stood up in our apartment as a beacon of awesomeness and an icon of cool. It inspired us to create our own 6-foot by 8-foot poster, hang it on the front of the Miami Vice structure, and then drive the whole thing several states away to display proudly in the midst of Birmingham, Alabama.

    But taking it down and putting it back up was a monumental under-taking. It probably had 100 bolts, 50 flaps that had to be inserted, and 40 different parts that had to be kept track of.

    And then we discovered that we could just hang our banner on some posts, and not carry the Miami Vice poster across the US. So the Miami Vice poster was relegated to being setup in our apartment, displaying its awesomeness out the front window, to the world below.

    But, as all things do, this eventually caused us to run out of room. Between the TWO drumsets, the musical equipment, a dining room table, and something that Gabe created out of foam that looks like a skate-ramp, there was simply no space.

    So it had to go.

    Fortunately, we found a good home for it. A guy living in ultra-small-town Tennessee who loved the movie. (I haven't even seen the movie; the poster was awesome enough for me).

    So today it was packed up into the back of another small car, and driven across the country-side. It was only fitting that today on Myspace, we release a song commemorating its exodus.

    Farewell, ultra-large Miami Vice poster.


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