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The Future is More Real Than The Past

Kevin Beck wrote this blog about the future. Here was my comment:

The future is something that people, by and large, don’t believe in. That’s why I thought it was amazing when Frank Tipler, a physicist, realized that in order to do physics on any real scale, he had to study the physics of the future of the universe.

Why? Because THE FUTURE IS SO MUCH LARGER than the past. Even from a purely size-based analysis, using only what science currently knows, the future universe is not only hundreds (thousands, millions?) of times larger than it is now, but the future timespan of our universe is IMMENSELY longer than the past.

Frank Tipler estimates that the universe is less than 20 billion years old, and will continue AT LEAST another 100 billion years into the future.

Think about what life will and must do on that scale of time. Humanity is in a position to sway the entire universe.



Frank Spencer:

I really appreciate your blog, good stuff! Your view of the future is "right on!" I particularly liked this comment that you made: "The future is open, the future is ours to create. Draw deeply on God and create the unbelievable." God cretaed us to be creators as well, not observers. He desires that we live out of the Divine nature that is ours within New Covenant realities, and He wants this identity and ability to direct the decisions that we make, both personally and corporately. There are "good" paths and "bad" paths, but they are much more diverse and complex than most would like to acknowledge, presenting multiple viewpoints and avenues. God is not linear, and His multi-faceted nature is a big part of what makes Him so wonderful. Thanks again!