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Professor by Day, Rock Star by Night

In the story of Spider-man, Peter Parker is always trying to juggle his twin duties of holding down a normal life (as, say, a college student), and living up to the huge demands of being Spider-man. This results in all kinds of havoc being wreaked: late assignments, difficulty keeping a good relationship going in his life, estranged friends.

Well, I feel like my “Professor by Day, Rock Star by Night” lifestyle is starting to catch up to me too.

True, I may be painfully cool teaching cutting edge computer science to my students, only to disappear into a swirl of bright lights and a fog machine, but it’s not as easy as it looks.

Like tonight, when I fell asleep in my computer class. Um, I think teachers are not supposed to fall asleep during their own presentations.




Yea I'm prety sure it's a no-no falling asleep in your own class! Although it makes for a humorous blog. ;)

RB District Promoter:

that's my lead singer what can I say. LOL.