Politics, Religion, and Blood Diamonds

    More thoughts on "Blood Diamond" from yesterday...

    One of the politicians in the movie stated that Africa has a history when it comes to natural resources. Any time something valuable is discovered, whether it be diamonds, gold, or rubber, the locals suffer and die for it.

    Africa has problems. And I don't have any really adequate grasp on the extent of their problems. But I have often wondered "why?". Why is it that America prospers, while Africa does not? Why do they have AIDS and conflict diamonds, and child soldiers, etc, etc, while America, England, Europe, and most other places do not really have these issues in anywhere near the same degree?

    I believe the answer lies in politics. When a group of people can't utilize their environment to pull themselves out of poverty, we know it is not their environment (rich and productive as ALL of the earth is), or their people (any people can work and advance themselves), or their past (anyone can overcome their past).

    It is either something fundamentally wrong with them, or there is something wrong with their system.

    I don't believe that God made some humans better and some worse than others. So I believe that the source of the continuing and ever-growing issues in Africa is corrupt politics.

    Politicians are the reason why foreign aid doesn't help those who need it most, food and clothing donations don't go to the poor, and people turn and declare war on their neighbors.

    Wrongs committed provoke vengeance and hatred, and spur on other wrongs, and so a cycle is created. Politicians corrupt, and their efforts often lead to generations of wrong.

    I truly believe that no other explanation can really account for the lack of progress that continent has had. Only when humanity is put in a strangle-hold by political structures and organizations, does it stop flourishing and innovating. Only then can a people fall backwards.