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Jesus Camp

I just watched “Jesus Camp”.

I was struck.

I realized why people on TV act as if Christians are strange. Apparently, they are. I’ve never really been around those kind of Christians. Apparently these are the “evangelicals”.

I was raised in a really conservative church, but it wasn’t like this. We didn’t believe in speaking in tongues, in being overly emotive about Jesus, or in letting kids testify and harp about hellfire and brimstone.

Now, I realize that everybody looks silly if put on camera at the wrong time. We shouldn’t judge people because of documentaries. And I realize that not all of this stuff is bad.

Bad theology is the problem here. Kids talking about hellfire and brimstone is freaky because it highlights where theology has gone wrong. But the theology was bad in the first place.



Kevin Beck:

I haven't seen it, but heard a lot about it. "Putting the love of God" into kids seems a lot better than "putting the fear of God into them."


My main church experience (before meeting your family and going to church of Christ) was evangelical. It was quite... strange. There was speaking in tongues, falling out in the spirit of God, and they would anoint people with some kind of oil and tell them if their faith was strong enough they would be healed.<br/>Needless to say, I was quite amazed at how 'laid back' church of Christ is compared to that.