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A New Song-A-Week

In case you hadn’t read our website recently, we’ve embarked on a new project: to write a new song every week, record it, and release it by Saturday night at midnight.

It’s a tough gig forcing creativity upon yourself. But it’s also a liberating one, and an inspiring one, and a re-awakening one.

Maybe I had been in a creative slumber because it was Winter. Maybe it’s getting close to Summer, and it’s time to re-awaken.

I’ve started working out, I’ve started writing a new song a week, I’ve started spending more time with friends, and more time outside in the sunlight. I’ve got renewed purpose, perhaps. And there’s nothing like a self-challenge to keep you awake and alive.

Anyway, tonight at midnight we should have a new song for you. If we finish it. :) Stay tuned…

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