10 Steps to Enjoying Your Life

    So I've been mulling over how it is that someone can make sure they enjoy their life. Here are my best guesses at the moment.

    1. Learn to play an instrument. Guitar or piano always make great conversation starters, especially if you don't come from a hugely music-saturated family like mine. There's nothing quite like being able to pull out an acoustic guitar around a campfire, and sing a few songs.

    2. Be outside. The air in the cubicles, cars, and buildings that make up your daily life doesn't smell anywhere near as good as it does just a few feet past the doorway. And there's no better way to break out of a daily routine than to take a short stroll. It opens your eyes to things.

    3. Have friends. And while you're at it, make them good ones. Not those fake, backstabbing, gossiping kind that a lot of people like to have. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to be better and enjoy yourself more.

    4. Take photos. Grab a camera and a few friends, and go off on some adventure. This is how I spent many a Summer growing up.

    5. Drive.

    6. Listen to a different station.

    7. Don't take politics too seriously. I mean it.

    8. Eat light and breezy. Eat a variety of things, don't settle for eating garbage. Eat like you're rich, or you're visiting a new part of the world, and taste part of all the local specialties.

    9. Forget the alarm clock. If you don't have to live by an alarm, don't.

    10. Exercise. It makes you feel good on many different levels. For optimum results, get at least two other people to go with you at regular days and times. That way, you'll stick with it, and enjoy it more.