Christianity is Chinese

    China will be the most Christian nation on earth.

    In this article, the author suggests that Christianity is on the verge of becoming China-centric. Christianity is growing faster in China than in anywhere else, and soon China will be sending out more missionaries than any other country in the world. With over 10,000 new converts EVERY DAY, and more than 100 MILLION current adherents, China is becoming more Christian than the USA.

    And note this: China still officially discourages or oppresses Christianity. How many Christians would the USA have, if Christianity was actively oppressed?

    I'm guessing that Chinese Christianity is not only growing faster, but is also much stronger, deeper, and more sincere than in any other place on earth.

    Oppression breeds authenticity.

    One of the reasons I believe that this is happening is because Chinese Christianity largely exists without ecclesiastical structure and the trappings of church. China and Japan have an active "non-church" version of Christianity, which flourishes without any religious organization whatsoever.

    Christianity in America, by contrast, has largely sold its soul to the government.