Detaining a Criminal - the Life of Micah

    In my bio, I refer to a time when I detained a criminal while waiting for the police to arrive. I was recently asked for details about this incident, so I thought I would convey the story. A warning: I didn't use any physical violence to detain this criminal, so none of my celebrated hand-to-hand combat skills are described here.

    The STORY about The CRIMINAL...

    I was working at Motel 6 in Everett, WA during a Summer break. My boss lived in the Motel, and would watch me on camera from time to time without me knowing.

    So I was checking in this one lady, when I received a phone call. I picked it up, and it was from my manager.

    "Don't let her go!" she exclaimed. "The police are on their way, and they need you to detain her so she can't get into a room. They've asked for our help in capturing her."

    "Ok," I answered, and mimicked having a full conversation with a customer before hanging up the phone. It didn't occur to me that everyone was wanting me to be the one staying in danger.

    So I took my time checking her in, and when she had a request for something to be changed, I told her I wasn't sure if I could do that. I took my time fumbling around and acting incompetent.

    When I finally finished with her, I gave her the keys to get in her room. She walked out the door and into the hands of the just-arriving police force.

    Since I am a nice guy, I gave her a refund on her rooms before they took her away.


    Later on, a bank robber hid out in our motel and the police surrounded us, but that's another story.