Cupid Takes on The World

    This past weekend, I was at a conference where entertainers of all types performed in front of college students from all over. We performed too.

    One of the performances that struck me was a "spoken word" poet who talked loudly and eloquently about the joys of being a high-school virgin, ala Napoleon Dynamite.

    But the poem that struck me the most was called "I am Cupid", I believe. In it, he talks about being Cupid, and all the things he can do to people to make them fall in love.

    But then he stops, and notes that he is beginning to feel like an underachiever. So he turns his bow on various nations of the world in turn, igniting each nation into vigorous passion for the other. Iran and Israel, France and Croatia; each one gives in to wild, passionate romance.

    It struck me as a very biblical metaphor.