Trip to Iowa City

    We took a trip up to the fabulous land of Iowa City, Iowa for a big show. The Marriot we stayed at had a very helpful sign to let us know not to drive up on the grass.

    On Friday, we decided to drive through Iowa City, exploring the wildlife, admiring the prarie, and picking up a big screen tv from the rental center. When looking for a parking spot, we accidentally parked right in front of a coffeeshop. Since there were 20 minutes (remember that number, it'll be important later) left on the parking meter, we decided to go in and partake of their offerings.

    The shop was mysterious and Asian. Outside, it looked tiny - inside, it was huge. It was dimly lit, and smelled as if Hungarian poets made it their regular hang-out. We were in the middle of Iowa, smelling like Hungarian-Asian-magical-poetic coffee. What were we to think?

    When our customized frozen drinks were delivered, instead of having lids, they were wrapped as if they were pre-packaged. We were amazed! How did they get those plasticized lids on there? We couldn't peal them off, we knew they weren't pre-made, and the straw went straight through. We could only conclude that they had some crazy magic cup-laminating machine in the back.

    Unfortunately, their magic machine was slow, and we didn't get out until 25 minutes (this is where that earlier number I told you to remember comes back into play) later - only to find our time expired and a ticket on our windshield.

    The police-folk of Iowa City are timely and prompt. If only I had thought to read The Visitor's Guide to Parking in Iowa City. Maybe then none of this would have happened.

    - The End