Back in the Saddle Again...

    I'm actually too young to be sure if the title of this post makes a meaningful reference or not. I'm guessing it does, however, and am continuing on that assumption.

    For the past few months, I haven't blogged, and wanted to start again, so I thought it fitting to describe briefly what I have been doing for that time.

    First of all, I got married. Then, I undertook a long tour of college conventions and concerts across the country. Then, I picked up Facebook. Then, I began to consider how a person such as myself can facilitate a change of state in people's mentality.

    This is what I have been considering and mulling over continuously for quite some time. My informal research has involved talking with hypnotists, public speakers, educators, and magicians, observing a wide variety of performances, reading interviews with Bono of U2, experimenting with Facebook, designing some web applications, engaging in a little bit of spoken word performance, and throwing a concert using some of my new ideas.

    I sense that something is there to be uncovered. I feel like revolutions in people's thinking can and do happen. Right now, I'm thinking that what is needed is "truth".

    Truth is what changes people.

    But truth can't just be spoken. It has to be "realized". And that may involve stories, acting, movies, music, food, or experiences.

    And I am looking to provide all of those things.