Politics, again

    I apologize if I offended anyone with my last couple of posts. I wasn't trying to paint a bleak or pessimistic picture; I'm very optimistic about humanity. But I felt the need  to testify to the truth as I see it in this one area.

    Nor was I trying to say that all politicians are evil. Doubtless, many have approached politics with the sincere desire to do good.

    It's just that I don't believe politicians anymore. The higher you ascend the political tower, the less and less sincere you become. You can tell that the presidential candidates are not honest or sincere people. Or if they are, it's been buried beneath the advice of their political advisors. I would normally not say that about anyone ... but actions speak.

    I do believe in working for good in whatever situation you are in. But I also believe that if you're going to be a bull-fighter, you should expect to be gored. Certain things just go together, like politics and corruption.

    For what it's worth, Ron Paul and Barak Obama seem to be the most sincere of the candidates.

    -Micah Redding