Finally Legal

    For the first time in years, I'm actually a legitimate resident of a state. That state happens to be Tennessee.

    For the entire time I was living in WV, I had a Washington State driver's license. Once I had moved to Tennessee (with WV plates and a Washington driver's license) and had lived here for awhile, I decided to update to a a WV drivers license.

    So I went back to WV (where I still had some mail and residency documents), and got my license. Only trouble was, they accidentally gave me a learner's permit. And I didn't realize this until 2 weeks later, back in Tennessee, when someone asked me to see it.

    So I drove back to WV, got my license upgraded to a real WV Driver's License, and everything was fine. Except they got my birthdate wrong. But I let that slide.

    So here I am living in Tennessee with WV plates and a WV driver's license. Finally, my WV plates expired, and I decided to get Tennessee plates. So for the last year, I've been driving around with Tennessee plates and a WV driver's license.

    Today, I finally went legit. I went and renewed my tags, and applied for (and received!) a Tennessee Driver's License! I may have accidentally perjured myself in the process, but I did receive it.

    So for the first time in years, all my documents are from one state. And that state happens to be the one I'm actually living in.

    It's a monumental occasion, and I just thought you should know about it.