The moment is perfect

    One night this past Fall, it was a bit warm in my bedroom. Outside, though, the temperature was just perfect. So I pushed open the window and lay in bed with the perfectly tuned breeze wafting through the room, carrying scent-notes of late Summer and outdoor plant life. The sounds were relaxing and rhythmic. Everything was ideal. To me, lying in bed with that breeze and those sounds was the perfect experience. Maybe it reminded me of Summer growing up, I don't know.

    At one point, I began to think about shutting the window, so I wouldn't have to get up and do it later. I can experience this tomorrow night, I thought.

    But another part of me clung to the experience, thought better of it, and let the window stay open. That night turned out to be the one and only night like that this past year.

    When it occured to me to write this down, I thought of waiting until tomorrow. Then I thought again.

    The moment is what we have. Experience it fully.