Babies see pure color, or, Why Pink?

    Scientists have discovered that babies see colors differently than adults. Where babies see things are they "are", adults process colors through the filter of their language. Apparently, people who speak Russian see blue differently than people who speak English.

    Babies See Pure Color

    This makes sense to me. After all, why does "pink" exist? We call light blue "blue", but we call light red "pink". Why is that?! Our language has made a different color where one never existed before.

    Most of the time, when we look at a person or a thing or a color, we don't see it for what it is. Instead, we mentally label it with some tag, like "pink". That tag might have all kinds of thoughts and emotions attached to it. But that tag is not the real thing.

    Sometimes, if you look hard enough, you can see things as they really are. It might just last a second, but during that second, the world is so amazing.