Going public with my ideas

    I am a grand schemer; I devise plans not just for me, but for the world. And a small part of those ideas get put into practice, and change things. But most of it goes undone.

    During the weekend in Atlanta, I attended the APCA conference, lived through a tornado, and set my mind on fire with ideas. Ideas that need DONE.

    And so in determining to DO things, I've decided that I need to go public with my intentions. I need ideas and help from others, and the ability to bounce my ideas off the world.

    My aim is to do more with my band than just deliver a concert. I want to create an experience, and transcend what bands are "supposed" to do. I want to empower people to turn around and create their own world, rather than being content to consume the one created by what's left of MTV.

    I'm taking baby-steps in that direction already. We're working on partnering with some organizations that are doing important things. We've worked with charities (like the Heifer Project) that we felt were doing something unique and creative in the world. We're moving into concerts that are more meaningful, and are more than just a show.

    I want to make our concerts places where people build spontaneous community, not just an event people watch together. I want our concerts to empower and inspire people to go home and change their life. And I don't mean that in a touchy-feely way.

    Some concerts leave you feeling like you want to quit your job and burn down your house. Not because they make you feel destructive, but because they inspire you with the vision of something bigger and much more amazing that YOU are capable of.

    I want to do that. I want to be that band. I want to inspire the next renaissance.

    There's my soul. I want your feedback.