The Last Night in Africa

    Tonight was our greatest show so far - and to think it would be in the African desert.

    I got up this morning, and walked 4 miles in the blazing sun, in a place where humidity reaches 100%. I'm not a sun person, but it was worth it. The trail led outside the military base, so I had to present identification and register to actually walk outside. They warned us about malaria, insects, and wild dogs. I wore insect repellent.

    I did run into some wild dogs. They were actually kind of cute, in a weird, spotted-like-a-cow way. I picked up two sticks, just in case. After that, I saw what someone called "Meebos", they look kind of like meerkats or squirrels, but weirder.

    And of course, I saw French paragliders gliding over the ocean. The trail led out to the end of the runway for the military planes, so I stood at the end of it, and looked out to the ocean. Planes flew right by us. The French were here long before Americans, so they know how to have fun here - go paragliding in the early morning.

    But the trip wouldn't have been complete without the random truck decorated like a pinata driving by and the Africans inside asking us if we spoke French.

    At least, I assume that's what they asked. I don't speak French.

    Afghani trucks were the same way. Our semi-trucks are all about function - theirs get decorated like crazy.

    We leave for the United Arab Emirates tomorrow. As always on this trip, we have no idea what will happen or who we will meet or where we will go when we get there. Someone knows, and they'll tell us on a need-to-know basis.

    It's kind of nice.