The New Mystics

    I am currently reading The New Mystics, by John Crowder - the guy who wants to "toke God". As has been mentioned by others, the primary feeling one has in reading this book is cognitive dissonance. How can he write this well?

    He does write well, and compellingly. One of his thoughts struck me hard, and I wanted to see what others thought.

    He suggests "suicide preachers". As in, other people send Suicide Bombers to blow us up, we send Suicide Preachers to show them something better. Instead of watching a lone individual explode, destroying those around him, we'd see hundreds of people "imploding" on a lone preacher, destroying him.

    The concept is mind-shaking. Particularly when he goes on to suggest these "suicide preachers" would come from the ranks of the young men with few connections, and little to lose. The mentality is the same as that of the suicide bombers, only to reverse ends.

    The idea is not that far from scriptural. Jesus and the early disciples purposefully put themselves into "suicidal" situations in order to proclaim the message of Jesus even louder.

    What do you think?