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Living in the Cloud

I want to start writing about a subject that fascinates me: how to live lightly.

This involves many things. For me, it ideally means

  1. Traveling with only one bag
  2. Carrying very few things in my pockets
  3. Not accumulating possessions
  4. Keeping all my data "in the cloud", beyond the dangers of dropping laptops in swimming pools

These things may seem random, but the core idea is the same: I want to be able to travel, change direction at a moment’s notice, and live life without worrying about possessions or information.

I intend to document some of my thoughts and strategies in getting towards this goal. Right now, I’ll list a few of my inspirations.




This is very interesting! I pack lightly myself and especially liked the onebag.com website. I'm going to try bundling soon. On our last trip by plane my daughters 11 and 13 and myself packed our clothes for a 3 day weekend in one carry on bag. I thought we did well. Now if I can only do this with my papers and books. Go lightly........