every moment is valuable

    Every moment is valuable all by itself. But sometimes other moments help us see that.

    At one point in my life I was extremely distressed. I walked out into the darkness, and eventually laid down behind an old log. And I wailed.

    I couldn't fathom why life was so terrible.

    Years later, I wrote songs about that night. Those emotions were available to me, allowing me to create things that were new and amazing.

    The funny thing about a song is that (if it's a good one) there is nothing you would trade it for. Once that song exists, you would never want to go back and undo the experiences that lead up to it. No matter how bad those experiences were.

    I feel the same way about that night. There is something there that I wouldn't give up. Not because it turned into something positive - though that helps us see its value - but because in that moment itself, there was something worth its existence.

    I think there's a deeper beauty underneath the pain we encounter. I think it permeates our lives. And I think we can always see it if we look. Positive things may happen, but those things really only highlight what was there to begin with: the deep, underlying beauty in even our most painful moments.