Building The New World

    The earth is an open globe in a wide-open universe. We do not have to be constrained. We do not live in a world of scarcity. We are free.

    We must realize that humanity lives by cooperation. From supermarkets to families to farming, we live by working with others peacefully and cooperatively. If we all suddenly stopped caring about others, our world would dissolve in a single bloody day. The fact that we exist testifies to the truth of our nature - humans care for and cooperate with each other.

    And yet there are some people selling fear. They tell us that if there were no bombs, criminals would run wild. They tell us that if they didn't build fences, we would be invaded. Yet these things are clearly not true. These people are running a mafia-like protection racket - they threaten us with "dangers", then tell us we need protection, all the while dealing the danger they claim they are saving us from.

    State power claims that its violence is responsible for the existence of our society. They take credit for the organization and cooperation of the people, all the while applying distortion and pressure to that cooperation, pushing it to its eventual breakdown.

    Their claims are clearly false. Society exists because we cooperate, because we assist each other, because even the bad people care about others, because the world is overwhelmingly empathetic. State violence is an unwanted and unneeded coating on the love of humanity.

    To realize the New World, we need to reject the claims that violence and coercion make the world work. We need to accept that peace and cooperation are already here, that they are the only true success humanity has ever had, and that our best tools for making the world better will be the powerful rejection of force and violence.

    But how will we have a world without the FDA keeping our food clean? Without the military keeping out terrorists? Without the AMA making sure doctors know what they are doing?

    We must realize that these violence-backed institutions DO NOT ACCOMPLISH THESE THINGS NOW. We must build the true solutions, built on willing cooperation, just as humanity has always done.

    Examples abound. Organizations like Underwriters Laboratories and Consumer Reports have successfully provided unbiased accountability and standards for almost a century. The Red Cross has aided victims of violence and natural disasters all over the world. College accreditation is a process by which schools voluntarily strive to meet a set of cooperatively-generated higher standards. THESE are the organic economy - the thriving force of human cooperation that truly runs the world.

    These things WORK, and they work well, and they are much freer of violence, bias, and corruption than similar force-based institutions. Whenever humanity opens itself to creative and non-violent solutions, the organic economy rushes in to fill the need.

    To achieve the New World, we can begin building organizations and cooperative associations to displace the violence-based "solutions" we have now. We can grow the organic economy in our own neighborhoods and cities. We can meet needs as we see them, we can make the world better by solving human problems.

    You don't have to wait on a utopian future. You can do this now, on both large and small scales. All of the things that make our world great were created without violence, by people just like you.