Protocols: Files

    I've decided to begin putting down my own personal approaches to things as "protocols", both for myself, and for anyone who might derive some utility from this bizarre practice.

    File naming:

    • By default, all file names are structured like this: 20xx-xx-xx filename.txt
    • Tags may be added: 20xx-xx-xx TAGINCAPS filename.txt
    • Projects are grouped together in a small, flat folder structure. In this case, the file naming gets transferred to the folder: 20xx-xx-xx Project Name

    File Formats:

    • Should be kept to a minimum. Use plain .txt for everything possible - .rtf after that.
    • If it's a music file, it should ideally be in lossless AIFF or mp3.
    • Todo lists are kept in plain .txt, but can be viewed and edited through Taskpaper.
    • Similarly, use Markdown if possible.
    • Try to replace Excel with CSV, where possible. Barring that, use Google Docs.


    • Use Picasa to import (doesn't lock in your files)
    • create a folder for that import (20xx-xx-xx picasa), and tell Picasa to import to that folder BY DATE TAKEN
    • this will create folders inside with each day photos were taken, and will contain the photos themselves a further layer down.