Believe or Don't Believe

    Belief in God amounts to a perception that the universe is bending towards good. Good is winning out, complexity is increasing, beauty is spreading. If you accept that, then the lines of our future are converging on a reality that is increasingly compassionate, intelligent, and relational. Follow those lines long enough and you realize that the gravitational force that is curving reality towards these ends has begun to take on all the traditional attributes of God.

    There's no other alternative. Just as following the expansion of our universe backwards forces us to acknowledge a big bang, following the progression of our universe towards goodness forces us to acknowledge the place where all such progressions meet.

    You can legitimately reject such a view entirely. It's possible the world is not advancing in any sense. If so - if in the end, reality is hopeless, and life is destined to futility - then indeed, there is no God.

    But be assured, this is the true question on which it all hangs. No other theistic or atheistic argument matters.